From the W3C Web SQL specification document (emphasis mine):

This document was on the W3C Recommendation track but specification work has stopped. The specification reached an impasse: all interested implementors have used the same SQL backend (Sqlite), but we need multiple independent implementations to proceed along a standardisation path.


Digital Christmas

Send me a physical Christmas card and I’ll think kindly of you and feel bad for not sending you one myself. Send me a digital Christmas card and I’ll think badly of you and feel kind for not hassling you with my own badly designed, half-assed attempt at spreading seasonal bollocks.

Designing a better payslip

You know there’s something seriously wrong when your payslip is three pages long and comes with a two page explanatory leaflet. Payslips are often pretty cryptic but the one I received today was so bad it took me over half an hour to work it out. All I really care about is how much have I earned, how much am I getting and, most importantly, where did the rest go?

The only way I could decipher this mess was to draw a kind of bar chart and fill in the numbers. Once I finished I realised that I had inadvertently created a hugely more readable representation of the information contained in the payslip. So here’s a copy of the original payslip and my effort at an improved version.

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